Below are listed the main products and solutions that ABCI has to offer. 

Feed mills

Turn-key solutions for feed mills are available in capacities of 3-20 tonnes/hour. We can provide grinders & hammer mills for the spice industry

Cooling systems for livestock

Temperature drop of 5-35 °F @ 10% humidity or 5-25 °F @ 30% humidity. Each cooler can provide up to 51,500 cfm air output, one cooler per 14 cows. US-made

Milking & milk processing

A range of milking parlours (Danish & US quality) for cows, goats and camels are available. Equipment for processing of camel milk

Dairy, juice & beverage

We offer plants and equipment (including spare parts) for production of dairy, juice and beverage

Detection & inspection

ABCI offers systems for metal detection, x-ray inspection and pipeline detection

Feed mixers for livestock

Both stationary & mobile mixers are available, in low/high capacities

Induction sealing

Our induction sealing solutions are quality products made in USA

Fluid handling

ABCI can supply fluid handling solutions from Flowtrend (USA)


Turn-key solutions for dairy & juice (from fresh fruit to final bottled or packed juice product) plants


We can provide a full range of labelling technologies (